Motion/Biosignal sensing and VR/AR visualization

  1. BMW(Biosignal,Motion,Wireless) sensing system for rehabilitation
    Motion capture system that represents human motion quantitatively and as visual information is useful tool to support exercises for rehabilitation or maintenance of health. Because typical systems are using a number of cameras to capture markers placed on the body, their scope is limited to the camera's field of vision. Therefore we have proposed a wearable inertial motion capture system that measure acceleration, angular rate and direction directly from various points on the body. Furthermore, the state of motion and its corresponding internal activity is visualized through simultaneous measuring of biosignals such as EMG. As a result we have confirmed it is possible to measure motion over a wide area as well as aid an intuitive understanding of movement through an integrated visualization of internal activity.

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Medical VR/AR system

  1. Development of 3D Space-Shared Domestic Tele-Echography System Based on Augmented Reality Technology
     We propose a domestic tele-echography system linking between the patient's home and a hospital because of the demand due to increase in the number of patients by aging society and recent progress in portable echography enabled us to develop this system. In previous researches three-dimensional position of the ultrasound probe was difficult to specify because a remote doctor observe the patient through a video camera. Therefore we have developed a reproduction system of the probe position and angle using the ARToolKit and GUI interface using OpenGL. Only an USB camera and two markers for the body surface and the probe are necessary to memorize and transfer three-dimensional position of the probe. We have also designed a doctor side interface including echogram, patient scene and CG to instruct probe operation. As a result of evaluation experiments, guided position was satisfied to reproduce the echogram for diagnosis.  
  2. Development of AR/VR interface to visualize 3D information of internal organs reconstructed from echograms
     Echography has been used in every field of medical diagnosis because of its safety and cost-effectiveness. However, the skill to recognize relationship between ultrasound probe and internal organ is required to acquire echocardiogram. Therefore we have developed an extraction software of internal organs from real-time echogram. Then we have applied it to a reconstruction system of 3D shape of internal organs based on AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) technology using ARToolKit. Furthermore, GUI interface to visualize the internal organ was developed by OpenGL. We confirmed the usefulness of the system for the reconstruction of the shape of left ventricle and liver to visualize of internal organ.

Visualization in Chemistry

  1. Development of visualization system of iso-surface for computer chemistry
     We developed the software to visualize the iso-surface, because, technology of visualization is necessary to analyze a huge amount of data obtained by numerical simulation. Especially, visualization of the iso-surface of the atomic orbital, molecular orbital and electrostatic potential are required in the research and education of the chemistry. Cube files created by Gaussian or PC GAMESS are able to be loaded for visualization of molecular shape and iso-surface. Furthermore, this system is able to output JPEG and VRML file of visualized object in the interface.  
  2. Development of support software in using of phase diagram
    Phase diagram gives us profitable knowledge for use of the material such as ceramics or alloy. Because the stable phase of material under the condition of temperature and composition is expressed in diagrams. However, treatment of phase diagram requires reading of graph and calculation based on lever rules. Then, we developed Java(TM) software which enables to treat phase diagrams on PC monitor. This system is able to treat binary and ternary phase diagram. Furthermore, ternary diagram is shown not only as iso-thermal lines but also as 3D surfaces by using Delaunay triangulation. This function may help students to learn use of phase diagram.